Carinity Chaplains provide compassionate spiritual care, support, encouragement and a listening ear to people in Aged Care, Hospitals and Prisons across Queensland.  The Chaplains provide effective, coordinated pastoral care to people of all faiths and no faith.

Whether in hard times or times of great happiness, sharing our situation with someone else can halve our troubles and double our joy.  Sometimes trusted friends and family are nearby to give that support while at other times they are not  – or maybe a person is looking for a greater depth of spiritual support. These are the times when chaplains are so important. An integral part of the community, Chaplains bring hope, spiritual care, support and encouragement to people in times of need, or simply provide a listening ear and company when required.

Carinity chaplains enjoy confidentially listening and helping people on their journeys with empathy and compassion. Carinity chaplains work and volunteer throughout Queensland.

Chaplaincy Support – Hospitals & Aged Care

Carinity chaplains play an important role in the holistic wellbeing of residents, hospital patients, staff and their families at Carinity.

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy

Inside Out Prison Chaplaincy exists to bring Jesus to prisoners, whilst they are inside and when they are out encouraging them to be transformed from the inside out.

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Is God calling you? Join our team of volunteer chaplains inspiring people during hard times, sickness and in times of great joy,

Thought of the day

The Holy Spirit and Fire!

Who doesn’t wish for a fresh start – maybe right now, or at some point in life? Well that’s what John the wild desert prophet said Jesus would bring. What a dynamic picture – baptizing with the Holy Spirit – God in action and Fire – cleansing and consuming what’s transient to make way for new growth. Now there’s a fresh start! People down through the ages have found John was right. With Christ new life by the Spirit is given and enabled. Luke 3:15,16.