What if I get sick?
Answer //

Independent residents may still need a helping hand to recover from an illness or surgery from time to time. Residents can usually access in-home support for assistance with daily household tasks under a ‘user-pays’ personal services agreement, when necessary.

These packages offer a range of assistance depending on the individual’s needs, which could include personal care, meals, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, transportation and taking medication. Services may vary from site to site.

Each unit is also connected to a 24-hour emergency call system and the majority of our villages have residential aged care centres co-located on the same site.

Can I have guests stay?
Answer //

Guests are always welcome for a short visit, overnight stay or a holiday, and you can go on extended holidays yourself knowing that gardens are looked after in your absence.

Will my unit be fully maintained?
Answer //

All Carinity Lifestyle units are fully maintained, both inside and out (except for your personal and household items) and Carinity normally pays for the replacement of capital items. 

Do I ‘own’ the unit?
Answer //

Our retirement lifestyle units are secured under a ‘Licence to Occupy’ tenure which gives you the right to live in the unit as long as you are able to live independently or are able to remain safely in the unit with in-home support services.

As you do not hold title to the unit, you are not required to resell the unit when you vacate, and we pay your exit entitlement within 28 days of a new resident entering (or, within six months from the date you vacate your unit, whichever is sooner).

Why are the prices so low?
Answer //

Our units are very reasonably priced to allow you a better quality of life now rather than tying up all your assets in the unit. Because of our low pricing structure, your exit entitlement is calculated on what you paid when you entered, not the re-sale value of the unit. 

How is the exit fee calculated?
Answer //

The exit fee is calculated as: 5% of the ingoing contribution per year, or part thereof, for up to six years up to a maximum of 30%. This means that your minimum exit entitlement on vacating will be 70%. The exit entitlement is the amount you paid on entry less the exit fee. 

What about service fees?
Answer //

You will pay a service fee each fortnight which covers the day to day operating costs of the village and maintenance of capital items.

The fortnightly service fees are very comprehensive and cover the following (to the extent of the allocation included in the budget):

  • Management and administration;
  • Maintenance of your garden;
  • Maintenance/cleaning of lawns;
  • Recreational and common areas;
  • Emergency call monitoring;
  • Rates, taxes, charges and any government charges payable;
  • Periodic standard pest control;
  • Electricity for grounds and common areas;
  • Insurances (except for contents); and
  • Maintenance of capital items such as buildings, roads and driveways, fixtures and fittings, plant and equipment.

General services do not include individual services such as laundry, meals, cleaning accommodation units, personal or nursing care. However, in most cases these services may be accessed at an additional cost.

Who pays for replacements?
Answer //

We are responsible for replacement of all buildings, and any fixtures and fittings which form part of the unit – i.e. ‘capital items’ (including things like stoves, hot water systems, carpets, etc). The exception to this is where a capital item was specifically requested and funded by the residents of the village or where the item has been damaged by a resident over and above normal wear and tear.

We are registered with the Office of Fair Trading as required under the Retirement Villages Act 1999.

What if I don’t drive?
Answer //

The majority of our villages are located close to shopping, medical and recreational facilities, as well as public transport options. A shuttle bus service is also offered by most of our villages, facilitating residents to go on shopping trips and excursions.

Although residents enjoy the convenience of having amenities close by, our villages are often set on extensive rural grounds, close to nature and wildlife, and can still seem like a world away from it all.

Will I have access to entertainment and activities onsite?
Answer //

You will have access to a community hall where resident committees organise an array of activities and events, so there’s always plenty to do onsite. Entertainment varies from site to site but can include crafts, indoor bowls, board games, bus outings, coffee mornings, concerts and other social events. Residents can also access concerts and entertainment at the aged care centre if co-located on the same site.