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Social isolation is a significant issue facing people as they age. Loss of mobility, loss of friends or spouse, distance of family or moving into a new area are some of the reasons older people feel disconnected from their community.

Carinity Chief Information Officer Simon Hartfiel says technology is helping combat social isolation, however, there are often challenges for seniors.

“ Technology can be a bit overwhelming for some people. We’ve worked on getting a digital device called Mobi that is easy to use and customised to each person’s lifestyle,” he says.

“ Users can video call their families and friends, order groceries online, play brain training games, listen to their favourite music and watch their favourite movies. They can also use it to stay in contact with their Carinity Lifestyle Coordinator.”

Mobi is available to Carinity Home Care clients, offers unlimited downloads and access at home, and when you’re out and about. And it can all be part of your Australian Government-funded Home Care package.

To find out more about Mobi simply call 1300 109 109 or visit