Carinity Communities - Wahroonga



  • (07) 4922 5226
114 Fitzroy Street, , Allenstown, QLD, 4700

Carinity Communities – Wahroonga is a youth counselling service based in Rockhampton. All counsellors are tertiary qualified and can assist young people with a number of issue such as emotional, behavioural or mental health concerns. Wahroonga runs two programs to assist with youth mental health.


Adolescent Wellness Program

Wahroonga's Adolescent Wellness Program is a free youth mental health initiative of Carinity Communities providing high-quality, specialist counselling and psychology services to preteens, teenagers and young adults aged 10 – 24 years.

A General Practitioner (GP) or Paediatrician can refer a young person under a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Direct referrals from parents, teachers or others involved with young people are also accepted. Youth can also contact us directly without referral if needed.


Child Protection Program

Wahroonga's child protection program provides counselling, support and assistance to children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in relation to child abuse, trauma, neglect and/or family violence.

Referrals for this program must be made by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. However, we are able to continue to see clients after they have exited the child protection system.

Support services are available for parents, guardians, carers, school affiliates or anyone who lives, works with a child or young person engaged with our service. These may include: consultation and support for parents, carers, guardians and school staff and education about child development, trauma or domestic violence.

 Enquiries or referrals can be made by phoning (07) 4922 5226 or visiting us at 114 Fitzroy Street (Corner Fitzroy & Murray Streets), Rockhampton.