About Carinity

Carinity is a leading not-for-profit, Christian based care organisation that has been changing lives of people in need – helping individuals and families reach their full potential to live enriched lives.

Since 1949 Carinity, formerly Queensland Baptist Care, has been making a real difference to people through comprehensive and integrated community services. This includes providing affordable and integrated retirement communities, care to the aged and frail, shelters for homeless youth, help for families and young people experiencing difficult times, support for people with disability, chaplaincy and alternative education for teenagers who struggle in traditional schools.

We believe in building communities where you feel at home and secure.

At Carinity we believe in building communities where you feel at home and secure – a place where you are valued, included, where your voice is heard and you are respected.

Derived from the words “care” and “affinity”, our name represents our purpose, always striving to create experiences where you feel a sense of belonging.

A ministry of Queensland Baptists, and a member of Baptist Care Australia, Carinity is supported in our mission to make a difference.

How we made a difference in 2016

Our mission

Driven by our Christian values, we provide high quality care and services, making a real difference to people in need.

Our vision

Creating communities where people are loved, accepted and supported to reach their full potential.

Our guiding purpose

Following the example of Jesus Christ, we exist to reflect God’s love to people in need.

Thought of the day

Holidays - Time for Rest

In his book “Heart – A History”, Dr. Sandeep Jauhar, himself a heart specialist, calls western society to take time to slow down. As a heart doctor, he was already minding his exercise, diet, etc. but then was diagnosed with heart disease. Consequently, he calls us to get out of the fast lane regularly and rest - lie in a field and watch some clouds. Ever wonder why God rested on the seventh day? It can’t be because he was weary - he is all-powerful: but it sure left a pattern for us … a rhythm of work and rest. “… God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested …” Genesis 2:3.